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Panache Auto Services Ltd Supply Remapping files To Companies all over the world! why go anywere else when you can come directly to the source!

Remap Enhancements Available for your vehicle

0% Finance options Available

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4 Monthly Payments of £50

No Credit Check For 4 Month Option

12 Monthly payments of £18.37

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0% Finance options Available

Dont have time to get your car remapped?

No Problem our National Network of Approved Panache Tuning Agents Can Come To You at home or work.

  • We supply remap files Internationally! why go anywere else when you can buy direct!!
  • No mechanical modifications Needed
  • Diagnostic check included before & After (including Smoke test were required)
  • Coding with Carly Included
  • We Can Supply & Fit Names Such as Forge, Pipercross
  • Engine Carbon Cleaning (Selected Locations)
  • DPF Specialists
  • Hub Dyno Printouts (Selected Locations)
  • Money back guarantee
  • 2001 vehicle onwards
  • Head Office in Wigan
  • Mobile Agents Available Nationwide
  • Home or work visit (No Extra Charge)
  • Diesel: Power, Torque & Economy
  • Petrol: Torque & Power
  • Improved MPG
  • Automatic Gear Box Tuning (XHP Approved Dealer)
  • Private, Fleet & Commercial


The No1 choice for getting the best out of your car or van engine with a Custom Remap.

Paying more for fuel than you need to?

Using the latest technology, our experts can Custom tune/remap your engine so you save up to 15% on fuel.

Why settle for lower performance than your engine was designed for? Our process can boost your car/van performance by up to 35%.

Our 14-day no quibble money back guarantee, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. We can restore the original settings of your engine if you are in any way unhappy with your remap and refund your money.

For an instant quote and to find out the options available for your make and model, simply call us today.

Panache Custom Remapping is dedicated to offering motorists a professional service and all our staff are trained in customer care – and they speak your language.

If you have any questions about Panache Custom Remapping or would like any advice on remapping (it’s free), our team are waiting for your call.

Before & After Hub Dyno print out with your Custom Remap, available on Mobile Service Insoric Official Partner.

Custom Remapping - Petrol remap - Diesel Remap - Remapping near me

Custom Remapping using genuine Software

Dyno remap - BMW remap - Audi Remap - VW remap - Mercedes remap
Before & After Hub Dyno print out available on Mobile Service


Utilising the latest in Dyno technology from Insoric, We can now offer our Remaps with a before & after Dyno session. This is uniquely carried out in real world conditions on the road.
How is this done?
firstly we weigh the vehicle using Specifically designed Scales, measure the wheel size, add in air pressure, air temp, type of transmission system, Then find a flat straight road and record the data, The data is then transformed into a graph showing existing power and torque curves.
Testing your vehicle on real roads under normal driving condidtion produces accurate information that reflects your vehicle on the road rather than under test conditions.
  • Do you want know the power of your engine?
  • Do you want to know if your tuning was successful?
  • Do you need proof of your engine power for sale or an inspection agency?
  • Do you suspect the engine doesn’t live up to its’ full power potential?
  • Do you want the torque and performance print out for your records?
  • Your car is too low for a regular rolling test bed?
  • High-precision, innovative sensor technology
  • The measuring process does not require intricate cabling or an electronic interface.
  • Flexible application allows for usage everywhere, any time
  • Effective measurement on street while driving
  • Result: reliable, accurate, understandable and comparable measurements based on real circumstances.

Enhance the performance of your BMW dramatically!

Unlock the hidden potential of your Automatic Transmission with our updated Gearbox Maps! Available for over 120 BMW Models with 6 or 8-Speed Transmission, xHP Flashtool is the worlds leading solution for enhancing your Auto – Transmission!

Now you can safely improve the overall performance of your BMW, get access to hidden features and enjoy faster shifts within minutes!


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