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There are a multitude of reasons a DPF can fail, the most common are highlighted below:

  • High mileage and compacted with fine soot/Ash.
  • Failed sensors preventing DPF regeneration.
  • Lack of additive in fuel (where fitted) causing incomplete burn off.
  • Engine issues i.e. leaking injector, valve stem oil seals, worn piston rings.
  • DPF unable to regenerate due to driving conditions i.e. City centre.
  • Poor performance tuning.
  • Driving in too low of a gear on a motorway disallowing the regeneration to commence.

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Guide Prices: (Call for a quote for your vehicle)

DPF Regeneration £40.00
DPF On Car Cleaning £180.00
(£45 over 4 Months)
DPF Removal, DPF Delete from ECU £300.00 (£75 over 4 Months)
DPF Removal, Delete and remap £400.00 (£100 over 4 Months)
DPF Delete software only £150.00 (£38 over 4 Months)

4 Month Payment offer

  1. Contact us today, call 07597921326 or use our contact form and tell us the problems you are having
  2. Fault finding, using the latest equipment we will quickly diagnose the problem allowing us to fix it in the most cost-effective way
  3. cleaning, our cleaning process can be completed while the DPF is still on the car, flushing away the carbon deposits allowing you to quickly get on with your day

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